Youtube Drama

Youtube Drama is the hot topic of the moment, every major Youtuber today has something to say about it, and so do I. To make things clear, I’m not a Youtuber, I’m not even a professional blogger, unfortunately I don’t make any type of revenue with the content I publish on the internet (yet), but I’m still here.

What is “Youtube Drama” you ask, well it is hard to pin it down to one specific meaning, but for the purpose of this post I’m going define as: Any sort of manifestation or comments, written on social media or uploaded on Youtube, about a) How Youtube has changed; b) How Youtubers changed.

Let’s make some drama

Youtube has Changed

Yes it did, and it will keep changing until someone unplug the website. Change is inevitable, specially with a new medium like Youtube or any other online platform. Youtube started as video publishing platform, and it still is, but for the past 6 years some creators started taking it more seriously than others. They started investing more and more in their videos, more people started to watch it and slowly they started to earn money with their creation. What we are seeing now, I think, is the first generation of successful online content creators with an incredible amount of influence that almost no one was expecting. For me, this explains the way that “traditional media” is struggling to understand this new internet “phenomenon”.

To put in perspective, this is not the first time an established medium lost its place to a new one and saw their numbers dropping. When the radio came around they said that paper was dead. When TV started to increase its popularity they said that it was the end of the radio. Newspapers, radio, television, all of them are still here, but they changed, they had too. If Youtube wants to stay as a relevant platform it will have to change constantly so they can compete with others (remember here that Youtube still doesn’t bring any profit to Google).


Youtubers Changed

Ok, let me make something clear, complain that your favorite Youtuber has changed is like complaining that Sesame Street changed because you don’t like their songs anymore. If that wasn’t clear enough, let me explain again: people change. Think about what you liked to do or your favorite songs from when you were a kid, think about what you used to wear (yes, I’m talking about that weird emo phase you had). Now keep in mind that 10 years from now you will be different from the person you are today, and that is a good thing.

Of course Youtubers are going to change, they grow up, they change as their life goes on, just like you. The great thing about the internet is that if you don’t want to watch Pewdiepie videos anymore you can go to that search bar and find someone else to watch. If you can’t find it, fuck it, do it yourself!



I saw a lot of people complaining about the quality of the content or the type of content published on Youtube. There are people who think gaming is stupid others still don’t understand vlogs, and don’t even get me started on prank and social experiments channels (I admit that I can’t stand those last two). People didn’t get dumber, they got a camera. For the last 6-10 years some types of technology became a lot more accessible, cameras, computers, smartphones, for god sake an iPhone can record videos on 4K now. If you have a smartphone or any type of camera your are one step closer to become a vlogger, the only thing missing is you to press the record button. So yes, the content also changed because the amount of people creating content exploded, and as anything in life this have both positive and negative sides.



This was all I wanted to say about the current trend to talk about Youtube, you can share this around if you agree because that’s kind of how the internet works 😉

See ya!

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