About Writing and Fear

Hello there! How is life treating ya? Are you good? Sorry about the small talk but I have been away for a few weeks for several reasons that don’t need to be shared now. All you need to know is because of them I was afraid to write. So, to break the silence, why not write about writing?


I don’t remember why I started writing, probably because I saw someone doing it and thought “hey this seems cool I could totally do that”. I wish I had a deep story about how when I was 13 I had all these thoughts and feelings that would only come through with the written word, but it wasn’t… I guess…

The truth is that writing is the easiest way to bring that crazy world inside our minds to life (after speaking, of course). I probably started writing when I realized my art skills wouldn’t be enough as a creative outlet. I probably started writing because it looked cool and interesting. It doesn’t matter the reason why, all of them make me feel guilty and ashamed for not writing on the past few weeks. I was afraid of my own thoughts, I could not help and wonder “where will this lead me?” and stop out of fear.

A lot of things about me and my life have changed since I was 13 (thankfully, there still more change to come), but one of the few that haven’t is the urge to grab a pen or open a new document and start writing whatever is my head. The urge to create and make something I can be proud of, is something that I hope it stays with me forever because it has been with me forever. Even when fear takes over.


I have no idea what you should take from this, but I hope you do something great with it.

See y’all next week!


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