Vine’s Eulogy

I know I’m not the first to write this and I’m not going to be the last. We all have something that we want to share about our moments with Vine. The sudden death was unexpected, it died young, but it shall not be forgotten too son. I have a few words that I want to share with y’all that cared enough to click, promise it won’t take you long.


I remember Vine’s first baby steps, I was there looking at the distance. My phone couldn’t support it so I watched those first silly 6 seconds videos with my sister, on her phone. The future was bright and promising for this child app even with all the challenges of being a video platform, we had hope.

Vine was getting more and more popular, the diversity of creators on the app resembled his big brother, Youtube. You could watch baby face Brandon Calvillo, artsy stop motions, perfect music loops or stare at handsome blue-eyed teens. We watched them grow. It wasn’t long until other people started copying and implementing similar video features (cof cof instagram), but it stood still. We stood still.

For the last 4 years vine set trends online, memes were born everyday, it shaped what we talked about. It went soon if you think about how many people still loved watching and creating for it. As much as we want, and need, to lament and cry for this friend that is going away, Vine’s death should not be in vain. It is a warning to us creators that it doesn’t matter how great you are doing at a platform you should always have a plan B. The internet is a great place to share our work and connect with people, but we can’t let the illusion of safety blind us to the point that we believe things will always be here. Apps die, platforms fade, but creativity stays.

I promised I wouldn’t take long, I’m sure the others here all have something they would like to say, so here are my last words:

Vine, thank you for making me laugh, for keeping me company, and many times distracting me from my own turbulent mind. Here is one last vine for the road we have ahead.

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