The Valentine’s Day Cards you were waiting for

Ok, you probably wasn’t but I couldn’t miss the opportunity. I’ve tried to understand the North American elections and it’s not easy, but one thing is right, there’s a lot of show around the candidates. If you didn’t send your loved one a Valentine’s Day card yet, shame on you, but I got you covered.

Hillary Card

If you just want to tell your lover how they matter to you and that you are not afraid to hide your love for them, the Hillary Clinton Card is the one you’re looking for.


Ted Cruz Card

But, let’s say you want to invite your loved one to something a little more kinky. Ted Cruz is here to help you.


Bernie Sanders Card

Ok, maybe you are a helpless romantic that just want to start a revolution on your love’s heart

valentine's-day-bernieSide note: have you realized that in almost every picture, Bernie has one of his hand raised? I did…

Donald Trump Card

We have to admit that sometimes not everything is ok, fights happen, we are humans (or are we dancers) we make mistakes, but you can always say sorry with this Trump Card.


The “America is doomed” card

Nothing says “I love you” more than a runaway proposal and a “do you wanna have the chainsaw” on zombie apocalypse. It doesn’t matter what happens to America all that you want is to be safe with the love of your life. Don’t worry kids, Justin Trudeau is here for you.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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