The Ultimate Monster Battle

Before #TeamCap vs. #TeamIronMan. Before #Beliebers vs. #Directioners. Before #BlackandBlue vs. #WhiteandGold. Before everything else we had #TeamEdward vs. #TeamJacob.

Let’s settle this.

But some background first:

Here on Oklahoma City University I’m having some of the most interesting classes I had in my entire life, actually I’ve never been so excited about studying before. One of my favorite classes is called Western Literature: Monsters and Freaks. I signed up for this class for the simple reason that I LOVE Stephen King’s books. I started reading his books when I was 14-15 years old and didn’t stopped since. So yeah, any class that talks about monsters and gothic literature I’m in.

The first two monsters we studied was Werewolves and Vampires, more specifically, Stoker’s vampire, Conte Dracula. We talked about what make those creatures scary and what fears they represent. That made me think deeply about one old unsettled battle of two extremely passionate fan-bases. The hashtag war that started all the other hashtag wars, #TeamEdward vs. #TeamJacob.

Vampires vs. Werewolves which one is scarier?


Disclaimer: The following content is the personal opinion of the author (me) and it does represent the position of the blog, The Hype Street, on the matter.


The Basics

I think it’s fair to say that are a millions of vampires and werewolves around, so I’m basing my judgement on specific sources and literature about the monsters.

On the left we have the bag of glitter and pixie dust representing the Vampires:



Based on Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula”, a vampire:

-Does not have a reflection

-Is repelled by holy (Christian) symbols and objects, and onions

-Can transform/control wolves, bats, rats, or other “meaner things”

-Can control the elements

-Can’t enter your house un-invited

-Sleeps during the day

-Can change his size from normal to really tinny


On the right we have his opponent, he enjoys belly rubs at the morning and fetch games in the afternoon, the Werewolves:



Based on the movie The Wolfman and Angela Carter’s story “In the Company of Wolves”, a werewolf:

Cannot listen to reason, can’t control himself when in the werewolf form –

Really, really aggressive –

Only a silver bullet can kill him –

It’s a normal human being during the day –

Is fast and strong –

According to Angela Carter only a loved one can set the werewolf free –


So who wins?

For me it’s really clear that the werewolves are much more scarier than vampires, and I’m going to explain why.

First of all, if you are a barely social person like me that avoid strangers at all coasts and almost doesn’t leave your house, you’re good, the vampire won’t get in. Put a cross on your door and you’re even more protected! Now a werewolf can storm inside your house whenever he feels like it. He just rips out your door and occasionally peeks inside shinning-style, you can try to protect yourself with some garlic and holy water, but that’s only making you more delicious.

Secondly, during the day, vampires stay inside their coffin while werewolves are regular people again. People can easily be monsters without the need of super powers or sharp claws and teeth. Besides, the fact that werewolves can be lovable and nice people at day and hideous blood-thirsty creatures at night just makes you more vulnerable to them. You have the entire day to hunt a vampire and protect yourself at night, you can hunt a werewolf but it’s harder when he expects to be hunted and can protect himself.


Finally, try to find a silver bullet. I’m not an expert but I’m gonna guess that it’s not that easy. Also it’s easy to get a gun in America, but in other countries it is not that easy. There’s way more paper work for that and you can’t just find them around. Now try to find any kind of catholic stuff. The are EVERYWHERE! Easier if you live in a catholic family like I did, basically almost every piece of decoration on my grandmother’s house can be used as an anti-vampire weapon, and if you’re in the kitchen, chances are that garlic is at two-steps distance.

These are the reasons why I think werewolves are scarier than vampires. Let me know what you think in the comments!

See ya!

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