Travel PTSD

Last week I talked about what went wrong with my flight back to Brazil and how I enjoy watching the world burn. Well, today I’m going to write about the side effects of all those shenanigans, something I like to call Travel PTSD.

I spent 15 days traveling through three cities (Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami) with all my stuff, eating the cheapest food I could find and sharing a bedroom with strangers at hostels. Yes, I was having a lot of fun, but my mind was in constant state of “what’s next”. That means I was always thinking about the places I wanted to go and how would I get there, so it is no surprise that it took me some time to get out of this state of mind, even after I got home.


As soon as I got back I started having these “nightmares”, every night I would wake up with that feeling of “I have to go”, jumping out of bed searching for my bags. Then, when I would realize that I was home and did not need to go anywhere. That is when I started joking with my friends and family saying that I was suffering from Travel PTSD.

I was having a variety of dreams related to travel, I would lose my flight or flight tickets, I was lost in a city I didn’t even know the name, asking for directions, once I even dreamed with freaking google maps. But even if I forgot about the dream I would wake up feeling the need to go somewhere.

This went on for a couple of weeks and started to fade away after the first month I got back. There was not much I could do just keep calm and remember that I finally was home, I didn’t need to pack, move or look for routes at google maps. I guess this is what makes home so special. It’s the starting point but also the destination.

See ya 🙂


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