Travel Checklist

Things are a bit crazy right now since I`m preparing myself for my stay at Oklahoma, but don`t worry I`m being organized, I even made a travel checklist!

travel checklistAs you can see I covered pretty much the basics here, just to be sure that I, someone who never experienced temperatures lower than 10°C (about 50°F), can survive on the snow. I’m probably exaggerating (as I always do) but that`s because I`m really excited, but better safe than sorry, right?

So I’m taking loads of jackets and winter clothes, even thought I’ll have to buy new ones when I arrive (apparently brazilian winter clothes suck), phone charge obviously (can’t survive with a dead phone), also I’ll need my phone to spam my instagram feed with airport and snow pictures. Can’t forget Sr. Snuggles, and the most important advice from movies: Don’t eat the yellow snow (but I’m going to extand that to: don’t eat the fucking snow)

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