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As everyone can see yesterday I didn’t post anything, but I have a good excuse for that…


DEADPOOL BABY!!! I decided to go to the movies and walk around Bricktown in Oklahoma City. The movie was freaking amazing (of course), the weather was nice, the sun was shinning and the people were happy. Enough to say that I had a lovely afternoon. But when I was walking around a little further I noticed that there was almost no one on the streets. In Brazil when it’s an afternoon like that you see a bunch of people just walking around the city, I felt like I was the only living soul in ghost town. For example there was this little park in front of the Denver Tower, and no one was there! If you go to a park or a public square in Brazil at 5:30 – 7 you see a bunch of people walking their dogs, jogging and etc…


But that’s ok, I headed back to Bricktown saw a huge amount of people going to the Thunder’s game, and decided to watch one more movie before I head back to Campus. The next one showing was The Witch and I heard a lot of people saying how twisted and fucked up it was so I gathered some courage and bought my ticket.

I wish I didn’t.


the witch movie poster

The Witch Review

Basically the movie was based in several folk stories from New England (1630), the movie starts with a family being banned of their village and starting a new life near a forest. They build a little house, have some crops and some animals including a black goat. The role thing centers around the oldest daughter, Thomasin, and how she is always at the wrong place at the wrong time. Seriously everything starts to conspire against her, even her brothers. First of all she is playing with her young unbaptized baby brother, that old peak-a-boo game that babies love (apparently), but the baby disappears without leaving a single trace because a witch kidnaped him to do evil witch stuff.

Disclaimer: that reminded me of this Tomska video.

Then her brother disappears, of course she blamed for it too. He comes back possessed and dies, the twins blame her calling her a witch, she blames the twins because they talk to the goat. This goes on until everybody is dead but Thomasin.

The worst part of the movie was that it wasn’t scary, I lost the count of how many times I got bored while watching. There were some creepy parts in it, but all they did was not making me sleep during the movie. Everything about it for me was just meh. And common, a witch movie with an “unholy” teenage girl and a black devilish goat, how am I supposed to be impressed?


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