The Rooftop Monologue is Coming

Hello there!

Besides watching dumb videos on Youtube and playing Overwatch, I’ve spent my free time writing for the past 3 months. The Rooftop Monologue is a video, but before that, it was many things. I kept it secret for the time I was writing the script and this week I finally decided to share it and let anyone who is listening know that I’m going to make something. This post is about some of my inspirations and how the first the idea changed over time.

Is really hard for me to define what The Rooftop Monologue (RFM) is about. At the beginning I had so many ideas but they were shaped and polished into a new and more simple script. Mainly, RFM is about a character talking about the pressure of making something “good” and how this leaks into her life and perception of the world. When I started writing it, I was watching a lot of videos about being a creator (or an artist if you dare to use such term). I also read the book Art & Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland, which talks about the reasons why an artist eventually gives up their craft. I scratched some of these topics last year, so when I decided I should make something bigger than a post and with more thought than a silly 1 minute video, I knew I should make something about creativity.


My first idea was to make it a zine, something I could mix text with little comics. I still like this idea a lot and might make it after I published the video, but I lack the artistic skills to make the comics the way I wanted (kind of ironic actually). As I wrote every thought about it on my notebook, I came to the conclusion it would be better if I made it a video. I thought once the video was made I could tear it apart and make other things based on it.

The idea was to make a series of monologues, that would work as chapters, but I was getting a hard time connecting ideas, I couldn’t figure out how to show and tell everything in a way that made sense. A huge inspiration for me in that matter was Bertie Gilbert’s vlogs. He has this series called “Bertie is making vlogs again” where he mixes talking to a camera with pieces of footage of his life. I love everything about this series: the format, flow, and of course, the looks. Everything he does looks so pretty, which made me decide that the same effort I putted on the story I would put on the looks.


I know this doesn’t clarify what The Rooftop Monologue is going to be exactly but I rather keep things in the dark so not much gets spoiled in the end. I plan to talk more about the process and share more updates as I make it. If you are interested  in that follow me on Twitter, Instagram or any other social network (Facebook / Tumblr).

The Rooftop Monologue should be done at the end of July and will be published on my Youtube Channel.

See ya!

– hype

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PS: I’m going to Chile today so expect new vlogs soon 😀

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