The Makeup Problem

This post contains swears, four letter words, inappropriate language or whatever you wanna call them 

Okay, it’s a fact that over the years advertising has made women more and more insecure about their appearance, from clothing to makeup products. If you want to learn more about that I recommend you to watch the Killing Us Softly documentary by Jean Kilbourne, but today I’m here to defend makeup and fashion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to defend the industry behind them, they’re still the devil, I’m here to defend makeup and fashion as something you can express yourself with. That’s the true beauty of it.

It makes me sick every time I see those “beautifully” “composed” comments on makeup tutorials (usually from people not interested on it), it goes something like this:

  • “no man likes women with tons of makeup”
  • “this is not sexy” (usually it comes together with a “natural” photoshoped picture)
  • “I would not want to fuck that chick”.
  • “This is why I have trust issues”

Just to clear this up in case no one else did: NO ONE WANTS YOU TOO ASSHOLE

Now that I got that out of my chest let’s move on.


It is not for you

I love wearing makeup and I love the process of applying makeup, it’s not a drag for me to do it every morning, in fact it’s my moment of meditation. It’s like playing The Sims, the amount of time you spend creating your character and building your house is always bigger than the time you spend playing the actual game. I, and many other women, do it because we feel good about it, we like to have fun personalizing our faces based on our mood or creativity.

And if you do it because you want to please someone else, go ahead, it’s your body, even when there are a bunch of white uneducated men in power convincing you of otherwise. Also, this might be a shocker for some people, but you can feel pleasure by making other people happy, As my girl Selena pointed out.


The fragile “trust issue”

As I said, no one is trying to deceive anyone, and if you don’t appreciate someone’s intention to please you, you’re the asshole. If women are wasting money on products because ads lower their self-steam, can we really blame them, when they’re the victims?

We are constantly told how we have to act or look if they want to be loved, accepted or successful (but not as much as a men). So who’s fault is it when women buy tons of expensive makeup or clothes, wishing that someone will want something from her? If they don’t they fear to be labeled as sloppy. Before writing a bunch of bullshit, what about being part of the solution?

If you still feel like you are constantly having your “trust” betrayed when woman wears makeup, go back to your room and only return to society when your actually ready for the real world.

This video from the Youtube channel My Pale Skin shows perfectly both sides of wearing makeup


 Culture and expression

To summarize everything, fashion and makeup can be powerful tools to express yourself, culture or tribe. Being aware of what makes you happy and that you can be in total control of your body, are the biggest steps to self-empowerment, that goes for men and women.



Magical Makeup Tutorial

With that in mind I made this video so you can become the magical creature you were always destined to be.


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