The Hype of the Oscars

All right, all right! Yesterday we covered the Oscars on twitter, but what were the hypes of the show?

First of all: Oprah being Oprah

oprah 1 (gif)
— RUUN, OPRAH! SHE’S GETTING CLOSE!! (insert Darth Vader theme here)


Also, Lady Gaga being herself as usual (by that i mean: making people go “WHAT?” in so many levels.
First she comes in with those GORGEOUS cleaning gloves but then she changes into that look-at-my-awesome-self-and-hear-me-sing-bitches look for her performance and blows minds.

gaga singing

Oh, and when I say BLOW MINDS I mean it:

gaga exploding

Some people say that JesusĀ Jared Leto, blessed her with this:

gaga sea

But all Gagas aside, Meryl Streep (a.k.a humiliate-all-them-bitches-with-my-thousand-oscars) was all over the place (except the stage, at least this year).
When Patricia Arquette won Best Supporting Actress for Boyhood, her speech was brilliant and so was Meryl’s reaction:

patricia arquette

[Bonus track: Look at J-Lo's reaction]
[Bonus track: Look at J-Lo’s reaction]

The “Everything Is Awesome” performance brought some Lego Oscars to the Dolby Theater audience. Of course the Leonardo DiCaprio meme that happens every year at the Oscars wouldn’t escape this year’s edition:

leo lego

And here we got other artists with their “awards”

(wtf the cowboy next to her lol!)
(wtf the cowboy next to her lol!)

meryl lego

We hope you guys enjoyed the Oscars 2015 as us! Follow us for more and don’t miss a thing!!!

Text by Mirna Xavier and edited by me

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