If you are one of the few people who follow me on my social media you saw that last week I uploaded an animation called The Balloon. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry I got you.


The story is about a red balloon that wants to be a fluffy little cloud, the animation goes through the Balloon’s journey (or B. as I call it) and all the ups and downs of it. I feel like talking about some of the things that inspired me while making this video, so let’s go!

If you read my other post about how I hate happy endings, you already know about the troubles I had writing this story. In the end I decided that making a sad ending for the sake of being sad wasn’t what I wanted with this video. What I wanted to show with this story was:

“…you have happy moments and you have sad moments. Life is not like Hollywood where everything is ok at the end, life is a road full of ups and downs, and the truth is, you never know on which one you are going to stop.”

(from I Hate Happy Endings post)

I did say that on the last post that was this thought that made me write a sad ending. Well, funny reading that now because this made me want to write something that doesn’t necessarily ended. That is why you see the balloon turning into a cloud and flying away at the end. The end can also be the beginning of something new.

Now to visual part of the video…

Before I write the story and animate it I saw this video from the Youtuber KickThePJ, called Space Kid


I also saw this video where he shows how he made it


I was really inspired by doing something like it, but since I didn’t knew what to do exactly I just left that thought resting in my head. This idea/inspiration stayed there until I started thinking about the story of a depressed balloon that wanted to go high up in the sky, the only way I could make this happen was with animation (no way I could film it), so this video popped in my head again.

I knew I just didn’t wanted the animation, I wanted the story to have a background as it was being told by someone and you’ll imagined in your head. I considered projecting the animation in my room but I figured the background would have to be really dark so the camera could capture the projection on a decent category. Finally, I decided to go with the good old editing tricks.

It took me about 5 days to do the whole animation, then I shot the background and the other details right before editing all together. I am really proud of myself and how this video turned out, I know it could’ve been better at some details, but honestly, I did my best and I am really happy with it. Hope y’all like it too!

See ya!

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