Tears for Fears wanted to rule the world

I know Tears for Fears mainly because of the TV show Psych (big fan over here in case you didn’t noticed) and I think their songs are good, but some covers are better.

The thing is when you hear a Tears for Fears song you can relate it to the time the song was released and written (most of them in the 80’s) and some will say that it is a good thing. Well, although I like the original songs, the two covers I’m gonna show you guys make the song timeless, taking that 80’s vibe off and focusing more in the lyrics. That’s why I like them.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

This is the well known original

And this is the Lorde version for one of the Hunger Games movies franchise

(warning: It will give you chills)


Mad World

Tears for Fears material

And the Gary Jules version, I first heard it on the Donnie Darko movie and latter on the Sense8 series on Netflix (soooooo good)


So, what you think about them? Share your nice thoughts in the comments 🙂

psych on Tears for Fears

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