Stupid Blog Prompts

A lot of times I caught myself thinking “what am I going to post about this week?”. Writing is not easy, creating content that you are happy with is even harder. So, no wonder you can find a lot of prompts for blog posts, there are a lot of them around the web and honestly, I think they are full of shit. The thing is, I find hard to identify myself with any other blog that I came across, I relate my content a lot more to several Youtubers than anything in this sea of beauty and lifestyle blogs.

“So why are you writing and not making videos?” Mostly

Mostly because I don’t have the guts for it (yet, who knows someday) and several other reasons as you can see here.

Thinking about the prompts I came across sometimes, I searched some of them and answered a few . So grab a chair because the list goes on and on…


Something you learned since you started blogging

Blog prompts are useless


Last time you felt genuinely happy

Yesterday after I bought a Totoro plushie and an Agent Carter Pop figure, BEST DAY E V E R!

totoro and agent carter


What is your biggest motivation

It can always get worse.


Something in your industry that makes you cringe

Click baits


A “Day in your life” type of post

That would be the most uninterest thing to talk about: wakes up at 10, go to class, eat, spend precious time on the internet.


How do you make sure people stick around your blog?

I’ll let you know when they actually do.


Tell us about you guilty pleasures

Been there done that bitch


What makes you feel proud?

The time when my dog finally stopped running into the glass door

door pug

What’s your favorite word?

How can someone write at least 300 words about this???


What do flowers mean to you?

This one was on a March themed prompt. Who even writes these things??


What do you lie about?

It’s not actually lying…


If you were a recipe what would be your ingredients?

Why don’t you start telling us all the drugs you did to come up with that question.


Tell your readers about your beauty routine

HA already did, step up your game prompt!


What’s on your desk?

A bunch of books, an M&M’s bag, my wallet, receipts and sports┬ábra that I’m too lazy to put away.

Don’t let those Pinterest pictures fool you. No one has a desk that organized all the time.


Talk about something that scares you

People that come up with blog prompts scare me


The story of your blog’s name

It’s on my twitter’s bio, not really that exciting.


What’s the meaning of Home

A place where I don’t have to put up with anyone’s else problems


Last time you surprised yourself

A few minutes ago when I choked on an M&M


“A cozy morning”

I’m┬ánot even going to try to figure out what this one means.


Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I can’t even plan what I’m going to do next month


Some people might actually think that these prompts are useful, but they are all useless when they don’t fit your style. Also, why talk about the common topics when you can come up with your thing?

See ya!


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