Something is Wrong With my Airplane!!!

I’ve written a lot about travel here lately but I can’t help it. I did a lot of things in just one month and I still have some stories to tell about it. This one is about the end of my trip when after 5 months in the United States I was ready to come back to Brazil, and things went wrong.

My flight was leaving from the Miami International Airport at night, but I had to leave my hostel at 11 am. I didn’t really want to walk around Miami with all my stuff so I decided to go earlier to the airport and wait there until 7pm when the boarding process would begin. Everything was going as planned until around 6pm when I started to get messages saying that my flight was delayed, nothing wrong there, this kind of things happen a lot. But after the flight was 2 hours late the company started to give excuses of what was happening, and that is where things started to get funny.

I need to give context here for a second. I don’t consider myself a fully optimistic person, but I can’t help it to find these types of situations funny. People start to get angry, the air company starts to give absurd excuses, and while the chaos takes place I just sit in my corner and try to finish my book. Let’s be honest here, there is nothing you can do in a situation like that, it’s not even worth it to be angry because you will feel bad and it won’t change anything. So, yeah, while there was a bunch of angry Brazilians complaining and threatening to sue American Airlines, I was laughing about everything.


Back to the story

People were starting to get upset, so the Captain of our flight decided to grab the mic and say something, this is more or less what he told us

“Ladies and gentleman this is your Captain speaking, apparently, the pressure of one of the airplane’s tire is low.

In this case, they will have to change the tire, this will take about 1 – 2 hours long.

We will keep you all updated, thank you for your patience.” 

First of all, if I’m flying is because I want to get somewhere faster, and because I don’t want to have the same problems as if I was travelling by car. I was already there for 5 hours what would be more 2 hours of waiting right?

“Ladies and gentleman this is your Captain speaking, it seems that maintenance is having a problem to locate the tires of the aircraft. 

As soon as we have any news about it, we will let you know. Thank you for your patience.” 



It’s not like it was a tiny airport in the middle of nowhere with a tiny air company, it was the FREAKING MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and THE FREAKING AMERICAN AIRLINES. But you know, shit happens, I couldn’t stop laughing about how someone loses an airplane tire and to make it worst our Captain looked like the guy from the movie Airplane

airplane 1No, not this one

airplane 2

YES! This one!

Finally, around 10:30 pm they announce that the tire has been found and that they are already changing, so at 11pm people started boarding on the plane (FINALLY). So, yeah, everything was ok.



When everyone started boarding they said that the Captain could not fly anymore because it was “too late” and they could not find another crew so my flight was moved to the next morning. That’s when people went crazy, everyone started running to the terminal to book the hotels as fast as they could (me included). It was like the Amazing Race: Airport Edition, people running around trying to get there as fast as they could, one woman tripped while running and fell on the floor. At the line, I had to deal with an asshole that could not stop saying bullshit, but I finally booked my hotel.

Nothing much happened after that, the next day I took my flight back to São Paulo and started having nightmares about travelling. But this is a story for the next post.

Hope you enjoyed this Airport tale! See ya




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