Making Stuff

As mentioned in my last post I need to put my life back in track. And I’m working on it, with tiny baby steps. One of the decisions I made is to not let ideas just be ideas, so if I can make something I’ll make something. I does not matter how stupid it might be… or boring.

My first idea was the pug video from last week, and yesterday I uploaded a video called Most Boring Gameplay Ever. I was going to call it Boring Casual Gamer, but why actually name something when you can just put a clickbait title #amiright? Well, here is the video


My original idea was to make this as a satire of all the gameplays that are out there. Not that I hate gamer channels, but the main ones I watch are Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye, two very loud and scandalous Youtubers. So in my mind I was thinking “I’m gonna do the exact opposite of all that” and this video was made. I also didn’t eve tried to record the screen, I wanted the video to look like when you are watching somebody else play and you keep looking over their shoulders.

Yep, these have been my first attempts into making stuff, hopefully there will be more weird shit like this in the future.

See ya!

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