I watched the Super bowl for the first time

Since I’ve got here in the United States I’ve done my best to truly experience (a piece of) the famous American Way of Life, and I got to say that the Super bowl really have a little bit of everything. This is what I took from the experience.

I already knew the event so I wasn’t completely blind, c’mon guys the left shark last year was amazing. Also, I’m an advertising student, going online and watching the Super bowl ads is a basic requirement for the profession. This year I had the opportunity to watch it live with people talking on your side and you pretending to pay attention on the conversation.

I was quite disappointed because nothing really special happened. No meme was created (lets keep the #puppymonkeybaby out of the topic for a moment), Coldplay had its mic perfectly on while Beyoncé and Bruno Mars were slaying, the lights didn’t turn off and all the dancers were in sync. C’mon America where is action?

superbowl left shark

But as I said earlier, the Super bowl has all the American Way of Life characteristics


I wasn’t on a big Super bowl party but it had food, pizza, soda, and snacks. I was not a Alec Baldwin’s Snack Stadium but it was something.



There are 2 types of people who watch the Super bowl:

People who likes sports

People who likes funny ads

And let’s be honest with ourselves if you’re not in the first category you’re probably in the second (yes you can also be in both).

This last ad is amazing, I’ve watched a thousand times and just can’t get enough of it. I just can’t help to imagine how it was the meeting in the agency that made this piece of art, when someone got up and said “lets mix 3 things into one, hey Steve what’s the first 3 animals that comes to your head? Steve you’re a genius!”


It may sound extreme but that’s what a lot of Hollywood movies are about, action movies with kick ass action scenes, big explosions by Michael Bay, the list goes on. Now look at the American Football game, is pure violence, it is a bunch of men striking each other like a bowling ball (it sounds like it too).

Overall it was fun to watch the game and get an idea of how the football game works, I didn’t find that interesting, they pause the game so much that it’s hard to keep the interest on what you are watching. Would watch again? Maybe, if you said that some really cool artists would play in the half of the game.

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