I hate happy endings

I can enjoy a happy ending, sometimes I can even crave for some glittery and sweet happy ending. Go the hell with it and play Shinny Happy People from REM in it, I don’t care. But, I think there is something extremely unappealing with happy endings.

The other day, I was drafting a story for an animated video I pretend to do, and the end of the story is really sad, and depressing. I felt like telling a sad story, because that is life, you have happy moments and you have sad moments. Life is not like Hollywood where everything is ok at the end, life is a road full of ups and downs, and the truth is, you never know on which one you are going to stop. This was the thought that made me write the sad ending.


However, the storyteller and creator inside me is not sure of that ending, so I wrote an alternative ending, a happy one. I don’t want to depress the crap out of people, I want everyone to enjoy my story. But, at the same time, I want to stay true to my original idea of just telling a sad story, and not contaminate it with fear that no one will like it because the end is not what they wanted to be.

With that in mind, I talked to a few friends and made a list of two things to consider before a concrete decision on the finale:

  1. What is the message I want people to take from my story (Do I have one, and do I really need one?)
  2. Is my character evolving?

Who knows, the happy ending could grow on me or I could just decide to continue to make my story sad just because I can.

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See ya!

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