The Hype Takes Oklahoma

Yep, that’s it I’m here, finally arrived on Oklahoma City (actually arrived 10 days ago), this cute and creepy city in the middle of the United States. For the next five months I’ll be living and studding in Oklahoma City University, and trying to understand how this American way of Life works. I already had some surprises and learned some things, let’s talk about this.

First of all, I feel like I’ve seen a unicorn. On my way here I took 3 flights and been on 4 different airports, and none, I repeat, NONE of my flights got delayed. They were all on time, nothing happened to my bag also. This is probably a once in a lifetime event and I feel very lucky for been able to see this wonder.


The first thing I noticed when my plain was landing is that in Oklahoma they don’t have a lot of big buildings as I’m used when talking about a big city. They have all this cute old houses (as far as I’ve seen) and the trees without any leaves helped me to picture the city as something that got out of a 90’s Halloween Horror movie, or a Stephen King book. I bet that they must be extremely pretty during the spring and summer, so I’m looking forward to it.


Unfortunately for me I noticed that being a pedestrian on Oklahoma City is not going to be easy, everything is far away so my choices of things to do in a walking distance are very few. I’m still getting around how the bus system here works, which doesn’t seem so complicated, and there’s Uber too, so I won’t get stuck in one part of the city (I hope).

After going around I have the impression that people here are way more scared of fires than in Brazil, I don’t know if this is an actual thing or just an impression. The stoves on the dorms are those electrical ones, and I’m gonna say that I’m more scared of using them then the usual gas ones. Also, WHAT IS THIS SORCERY

I cleaned that thing and 2 days later it was full of ice! If I hadn’t opened the freezer that time it would literally be full of ice. I don’t know if that “ice maker” works like this but it seems likely.

But one thing I can’t forget to address, WHAT’S UP WITH YOUR COINS? They are making me look more stupid than usual! Their values are written on a -14 font so whenever I try to pay something I take ages just to figure what coin is that, I can feel people looking at me on the line thinking “wassup with that chick doesn’t she knows how to count?”. I know I’m not very good with math, but your American coins make me feel more stupid than a drunk chipmunk.


neve oklahoma cityHolly cow it is cold here, and I love it! First week and I already saw some snow, you can see my excitement on my tweets


I just have one simple question about the food:

Why is EVERYTHING spicy?

I’m not used to that so it seems that everything is spicy, the noodles, the rice, the sandwich, the freaking salad. I drinking tons of water and juice because I can’t stand every bite of food that I take.

Despite all this, the most important thing is that I’m having tons of fun discovering new things. Specially on the sweet US Netflix catalog, I’ve been able to re-watch my favorite TV Show of all times Psych 😉

See ya!

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