Almost a month ago I was walking around in circles visiting the city of Los Angeles. As I expected L.A is one of those big cities with a lot of different things to offer if you know where to look. I tried to take advantage of the diversity of the city and explored as much as I could, here in this post, I’m gonna tell you people about my time in the City of Angels.

Before my travel, I tried to not create big and glamorous expectations of the city. I know that it must be hard because of all the big shiny images we see about the city, the movies, and songs, but it was necessary so I could enjoy more of everything. In the end, Los Angeles is just a city, a really big one. In places like this, you can’t jump in thinking about all the glitter, you must be prepared for the dirt that comes with it.

During my time there I stayed at the USA Hostels, which it was really good for a lot of reasons. First, I was traveling alone so being in a hostel sharing the room with 7 other girls forced me to socialize a little, something that, I admit, it’s not my forte. Second, the location was great! It was only a block or two away from the Hollywood Blvd, besides being one of those must see places it has a lot of bus routes so you can move around the city. Third, the rooms were pretty great, they had lockers so you can put your valuables there, and beds that had this part closed so you can have some privacy. Also, shout out to the staff, they were great and always willing to help, and to clean rooms and bathrooms. I would definitely stay there again.

Hollywood Blvd.

Since my hostel was nearby, one of the first things I did was walking through the Hollywood Blvd and check out the walk of fame. It was interesting and everything but I got to say that it was one of my least favorite places to visit, and I only came back there because of the shops, bus stops and places to eat. It is probably one of the most visited places in the role city, so there are people offering you a bunch of tourist packs at every corner, people asking for money, Scientology dudes offering free personality tests (fuck off Tom Cruise). You can’t appreciate all the stars from actors and singers that you might love because of the never ending flow of people walking around.

hollywood blvd

Hollywood Sign

This one I was in mostly because of the trails. On my second day, I joined a few people from the hostel on a walk to the Hollywood Sign thinking that they would do the trail that goes behind the sign so you can get pretty close to it. But the guide took us to a different path and we only went to few photography spots, I could’ve gone and walked by myself to the sign but when I realized that we were not going all the way, we were already going down, and I wasn’t in conditions of going all the way up again. Just for you to picture I was that last person on the group practically dragging my body up, struggling to breathe because I was not physically prepared for it. But I still took some nice pictures there, so it’s all good.




Griffith Park and Observatory

After my lame attempt of walking, I decided to walk more at the Griffith Park and it was probably one of my favorite things in Los Angeles. The Observatory was nice, but I wasn’t willing to pay for the shows so I decided to do the Mount Hollywood trail to a spot called Dante’s View. And I gotta say, the views during the walk were amazing, it was worth every pain killer I had to take the next day. I really enjoy walking, even if it’s not something that I do that often, but I would definitely be up to go back to LA for 3 days and just walk around the trails they have there. If you are reading this post because you are planning to go to Los Angeles, I strongly recommend you to check at least one of the trails, it is pretty amazing.

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Venice Beach

Venice was a nice place, I got there in the morning so the beach was almost empty which made my walk there a lot more enjoyable. I’m not much of a beach person, but they had a bunch stores and places to walk or bike around.


Farmers Market

If you have money to shop around I definitely recommend this place, if you don’t have money (like me) it’s an interesting place to check out. Besides all the food stands with amazing stuff, the place had a lot of big stores such as Topshop, Zara, Forever 21 etc… it was really hard for me to not buy tons of shit, but I made it without losing tons of money.

farmers market


I’m a big fan of Art Museums so whenever I travel to a big city I make sure I check at least one of them. In LA I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). The first one is pretty cool because it has things both outside and inside to check, such as the Tar Pits and the famous installation with the lamps.

The MOCA was also really interesting and you only need one ticket to visit both of their buildings. The first one I went was in Downtown LA and the second was in Little Tokyo. Both of them are pretty small, so it does not take long to see everything.

 farmers market

Santa Monica

I went to Santa Monica on Saturday with a couple of other girls I met at the hostel, and one of the things they said was that Santa Monica was what they pictured LA would be. On the beach side with people walking, a bunch of little stores and places to eat. The pier was pretty great, I didn’t have the chance to go to the park but it seemed really fun. also, when we were there a sea lion came by to say hello 🙂 I was told to see the sunset at the pier, but I didn’t want to take the risk of going back all the way to Hollywood alone at night. If you have anyone to stay with or a safe ride back, I was told the sunset it is really amazing.

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Little Tokyo

I didn’t have the chance to see everything at Little Tokyo but let me say that if you are in L.A and you love Japanese food like I do, you will go bananas on that place. I struggled to decide where to eat lunch because everything looked delicious, for me I had one of my best meals there. And if you like other Japanese stuff, they have a bunch of stores with Japanese products from stuffed characters to beauty products, again I had to hold myself back to not buy tons of things.


These are some of the places I went there, Los Angeles was a fun city to visit and I’m glad I did that. Anyway here is a little video I made from when I was there, hope you people like it, and if you do make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so I can make more stuff 🙂


See ya!



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