If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you may have noticed that I not only went to Chicago but that I fell in love with the place. I spent only 4 days there and I enjoyed every minute if you want to know what I did there just keep reading this post.



First Day

I arrived in Chicago around 4pm after my lovely week in Los Angeles, the first thing I did there was checking in into my hostel. I stayed at the Chicago Getaway Hostel and had a lovely experience there, the staff was very helpful and the rooms were quite nice. The only thing that I had a problem with was that I stayed in a room that was in the “basement” so my cell phone reception was pretty bad, they did have wifi but I could not use my data there.

The best thing about the hostel was the location, the neighborhood was stunning and it reminded me a little of London (a city that I absolutely love). After my check-in I went for a walk around the place and discovered several places to eat and shop, also noticed that the park was way closer than it looked on google maps, another big win!

Second Day

After having someone from the hostel to break my locker because I’ve managed to lock the keys inside the cabinet, I headed to the Millennium Park. For me everything was magical at Chicago, it was like I was under a spell or something. The city was so pretty with their cute buildings and stores, the colorful tulips were blooming the weather was just perfect. The Millennium Park was very pretty, over there I saw the most iconic sculpture of Chicago, The Bean, and as I expected it was full of people.

After that, I went to The Art Institute of Chicago, and yes, it was one of the best museums I ever went. They have a bunch of famous art pieces and a big collection of Impressionism artworks, so I managed to fan-girl over a bunch of Monet paintings. They had almost every single artist that I love, Monet, Degas, Renoir, only missed some Mucha but that’s ok.

Lincoln Park-5

Third Day

The third day was park day. First, I ate for breakfast an amazing Red Velvet Donut while chilling and looking at dandelions, then I headed to the Lincoln Zoo which it was ok, and made my way to the Lincoln Park. A bunch of dandelions after that I went to the North Avenue Beach, and it’s definitely one of the best views of Chicago. Over there you can start walking through the Lakeshore Trail, it’s a 40 minute-ish walk to the Navy Pier with a breath-taking view of the city.

Lincoln Park-7

Fourth Day

On my last day in Chicago, I went to Field Museum. It was quite cool because they had the Terracotta Soldiers there, and I remember reading about them in a National Geographic magazine when I was a kid. Honestly, I’m more of an Art Museum person, for me, the Field Museum was mostly a lot of dead stuff.

After that, I went for a walk heading to the Millennium Park again, on my way there I passed beside some Cherry trees full of flowers, and it was probably on of the most magical things that happened to me. It was the first time I saw a Cherry tree and to see them full of flowers was a big highlight of my entire trip.


Stores Shoutout

I didn’t buy a lot of things there but I bought some of the coolest and most delicious ones, so here is a special thanks to them.



I bought this at a little store near the hostel called Climate, but you can also find it at the Chronical Books website



This lovely donut is from a lovely store called Firecakes Donuts (It was also delicious)



This Moca (a.k.a the best coffee I ever drank in my life) it’s from a coffee shop called Intelligentsia Coffeehouse


I also made a tiny vlog about my time there!

See ya!



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