How I use Photoshop

A lot of people have different opinions about photoshop to manipulate pictures, specially for an ad. I gave this topic a lot of thought and I’m still split into two different views about it, so why not share it?

First we have the:

Artistic View

I started learning photoshop because you can’t really get a job or internship at agencies in my city if you don’t know how to use it, and it was not something I would learn at university. So, I started learning how to use the tools watching videos on Youtube and at the Adobe website (they have a shit ton of content there if you want to learn how to use any of their apps). I started applying what I learned into pictures of myself or that I had taken, and suddenly a whole new world opened for me.

All these ideas that I had and could never draw or picture it, could be made possible by photo manipulation. Almost immediately, my Transparent World project was born.

When learning how to edit it’s easy to get excited and suddenly you over do it. You start taking some zits out, than pores, hair, adjusting skin tone, well this part of my arm could be thinner and this one bigger, my smile could be a little more like this…. and suddenly you don’t have a picture of yourself anymore. The line between artistic vision and reality gets blurrier and blurrier.

Tumblr View

I’m calling this one Tumblr View just for shits and giggles, and you’ll understand why. studying communication was when I realized that every social standard we have been somehow reinforced by media. Media is responsible for how society (western) is shaped and it’s beautiful to see how the internet can shake the core what traditional outlets worked years to settle.

Anyway, when you understand how representation matters and how it affects people, you start to question if the little changes you make in your picture are artistic or if you are just trying to look more “acceptable” based on a set of current beauty standards. Which, believe me, it’s not something you want to think about while trying to have fun.

editing progress of some pictures I posted on my personal ig account @marinacolletti

Sometimes is hard to make these two sides work together, they are constantly arguing, but I guess this is a good thing.

This is all had to say about it for now, see y’all next week with a video 🙂

– hype

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