Groundhog Day is amazing

I’m not talking about the movie (I never watched), but the role concept of what the groundhog day is and what happens in it, it’s absolutely amazing. It amused me for the entire week, and let me be honest that I’m writing this post with a slight smile on my face. The fact that people celebrate this furry faced future predicting abilities just makes me so happy! I know, it is a dumb reason to be happy, but it is still something.

groundhog day

But after some researching on Wikipedia I gotta say I’m a little disappointed. I really hopped that it actually had some crazy science behind and some reasonable explanation for why the groundhog predicts if spring is coming or not but it doesn’t. It originated from some German traditions that probably originated from some Celtic tradition, but this is not enough to take the magic away. Some say that in Europe they would look at bears or some other animals to see if they would get scared by the shadow or not.

Than it stroke me, how accurate are the groundhogs? Ok, there is no scientific reason for that, but sometime we just don’t know how things work as they do and we have to believe (religions are here to prove this), maybe that chubby mammal just get it right enough times to a bunch of people believe in it.



This website says that Phill’s predictions were only right 39% of the time, and USA Today says that flipping a coin may be as right as the groundhog.

mad groundhog
you’re not helping me here, Philly

But I gotta say, watching the groundhog is way more interesting than flipping a coin.


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