Favorite Vloggers

Today’s post is a little appreciation of my favorite vloggers out there. The ones that I’m always visiting their channels to see if they uploaded a new video or to watch old ones. Something that these peeps have in common is how their videos show their personalities, they make their content unique and more relatable to their audience.

It’s worth noticing that this list is not in any particular order (like favorite to less favorite), I just love these creators and everything they do (not only the vlogs) because they make me want to get up and do something.

Hazel Hayes (ChewingSand)

We start with Hazel Hayes and her Time of the Month series. Every month she uploads a new video telling what happened in her life, but what makes it special for me is how she analyses the things that happened in her life, how it was great or how it would’ve gone better (Yes, it might make you cry a little)

I think this one video can give you a great perspective of the whole, if you like it grab your tea and keep bingeing 😉


TomSka (DarkSquidge)

I’m a big fan of TomSka’s videos at his main channel and recently he started a weekly vlog series that he called Last Week. I really enjoy the pacing of the vlogs and how he mixes funny commentary of daily events with more deep and personal reflection. Not everything is great all the time and I like how he always try to keep things real.

Here is the first video of the series, it is also nice to keep watching and see the series grow and evolve.


Marzia (CutiePieMarzia)

Marzia’s channel is probably the only beauty and lifestyle channel that I watch because of how easy I can relate to her. Most channels of that category can seem too artificial, but you can see how true she is to her style which makes me appreciate her effort at making everything look great. There is consistency on both beauty/lifestyle videos and vlogs, the way she takes you to every point of the video is just so lovely 🙂

Also, her vlogs of Los Angeles is probably one of the reasons I chose to spend a week there. I was so glad I watched her videos because it gave me a start to plan my own itinerary.

Daniel J Layton

I think that the biggest reason why I love Daniel’s videos is because of his kind of ironic and sarcastic humour, so I enjoy watching someone who is a little more like me making vlogs. He makes a monthly vlog series called PMS (Pretentious Monthly Scrapbook), and I recommend you to watch it 🙂



See y’all next Sunday!

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