Castaway: The tales of a millennial without internet

Sometimes you will face problems in your life that will isolate you from the rest of society and everything you love. Since last Thursday, I was deprived of my internet connection (at least on my dorm), making my survival throughout spring break harder. In this situations is important to not panic and just keep track of your days, yes I had some smartphone data, but it’s important to save and use your supplies rationally. This is my story…

Beware: drama ahead


I manage to survive the first few days ok

I was pretty chill about it

But soon, reality started to hit me. Things wouldn’t be fixed for a while, so I had to document my journey.


I had to find other things to do, like read a book, blankly stare at the wall, do some homework, cry in the shower. You know, productive things.

I was passing through the five stages of internet loss. The real world was too real. Madonna help me…


Time was passing, my mind was starting to play tricks on me, but I had to keep going

I missed it so much, I couldn’t help to start thinking what was happening on the internet. The newest twitter beef, the newest meme, was damn Daniel still cool? Is the internet happy without me?

I couldn’t take it any longer, something needed to be done. So I went to sleep.

I started to get angry, what have I done to deserve this?

Being angry wasn’t going to take me anywhere so I had to adapt.

The story isn’t over, what will happen next to our protagonist?


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