Call or Text? An introvert’s guide

Call me crazy, but sometimes I think that texting spoiled us. Try find someone of my age (20 something) that actually enjoys making a call. The only exception I can think of is my ex-roommate, from when I was living in Oklahoma. She stayed most of her time talking on her phone with someone, I don’t know if I was jealous of her being able to spend that much time on the phone, or if I envied having that many friends. Probably a little bit of both.


Even my parents and older relatives rather just send a text now. I am not going to enter the discussion if that is good or not, for now let’s just work with the concept that communication evolves with the technology we have available. Good? Good.

So, what makes texting a lot easier than calling someone on the phone?

First of all there is a lot less pressure involved on a text than a call. When I have to call someone I keep thinking if I’m calling on a good hour, am I interrupting that person of doing something important? Is she/he busy? If I send a text I know they will answer me whenever they can. It could be now or later. If I’m calling someone is because: a) It is really urgent, or b) I have no other option.

mean girlsmean girlsmean girls

Another great thing of texting is having time to plan what to say. There is no awkward silence or the risk of stuttering while formulating a question. I feel a lot more confident in what I have to tell the other person because the chances of being misunderstood are way lower.

Also, emojis.

poo emoji


What about you? Are you more confident calling or texting? Tell me in the comments or just tweet me 🙂


See ya!

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