Breaking Promises

First I have to say I feel sorry for the person who comes to this blog and the latest posts will be “Breaking Promises” and “Ditch Your Friends“. Please, it’s not what it looks like!

I know that in my New Year’s Resolution post I said I wanted to publish 3 posts a month and 1 video per/month. As one that makes such thing as a New Years Resolution list, I broke almost all of them before Easter. So I want to make a pact, I’ll never again write a blog post or make a video about wanting to write more blog posts and make more videos (and promising to do that).

#FunFact the last blog post I wrote [on a now dead blog] was about wanting to write more on that blog. So, I, Hype, promise to never make such content as stated above.

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But you know, that doesn’t stop from writing about the promise… right?

I lost the count of how many times I did this, I wrote about how I was going to make things straight and write more, or film more. But when it came down to doing it, well I wouldn’t. Not that I stopped myself from writing a masterpiece, but I believe every time we make something we are stacking more skills and knowledge, even failure itself is something.

But it’s funny to think about how just saying that you are going to do something (or write) seems to suck all that juice that was once flowing in your mind. In a recent video from a Youtuber I really like, Jack Howard, he talked about how when you tell people about something that you’re thinking about doing and they go “yeah you should totally do that”, can give you the same (or very similar) level of satisfaction as if you had actually made that thing.


Which I get it, but many times when I did this I didn’t receive any sort of feedback, just the act of putting the intention out and verbalizing something makes it feel like a huge step forward into creating said thing. So my brain goes “good job! u done enough for now” and it stays like that until I give up on that idea (probably because I didn’t get to much exited for it or was just lazy).

I don’t know if promising to never do that will jinx this even more but here we are.

Don’t make promises kids, you’ll eventually break them.

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– hype

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