Another Pokémon Story

A few days ago this post started as a 5 page ramble in my notebook of why people who shame other for playing Pokémon Go should back the hell off. But now I just want to leave all that anger in the drafts and talk about the good stuff. I want to write about some good old memories I have about Pokémon.



When talking about Pokémon we are talking about some of my earliest memories as a human being in this messed up world. To give things perspective, my oldest memory is the day my sister was born when I was 3 years old. This was in 1998, one year before the Pokémon anime started being showed on TV here in Brazil.

Until I was 5 I lived at farm with my family, I did not went to school yet so I barely had any friends. When I wasn’t playing with my dog and figuring out new ways to mess with my sister, I was watching a bunch of cartoons like Ace Ventura, Digimon, Tom and Jerry, Pokémon, Looney Tunes, and a bunch of others.

Me and my sister at our Pokémon birthday party

Before I had friends I had Pokémon. My 5-year-old birthday party was Pokémon themed, that same year I went to the movies to watch Pokémon 2000. I remember completing the album twice with my mom and sister, and I remember dancing the theme song with my friends at my school’s talent show (and by dancing I mean staying in the corner completely frozen and not moving a single part of my tiny body).

I have such good memories related to that silly anime and that is the main reason I’m so emotionally invested in this Pokémon Go app. Which remembered me something I saw a couple of weeks ago at TomSka’s vlog (around at 6:15)


He questions if we are really creating memories while playing the game and how all the days he spent playing Pokémon seems to be blurring into one thing. It will probably take years to fully know how relevant these moments are for us, but at a first glance, the best thing about playing the game with your friends and family (in my opinion) it is not the memories you create, but the moments you remember. About how all the times playing seems to be blurring into one, I would not bother a lot with it. I mean, yes we all would like to remember each and every single moment of happiness, but these little “clusters” of memories can be as special as a single one.

“Oh remember that time when we had that app who let us catch Pokémon on the streets? I spent so many afternoons at parks with my friends, it was so cool!” – Conversation that might happen 20 years from now.

This post is a lot nicer than the one I actually have on my notebook, but I’m glad I was able to get it out of my system.

See ya!


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