Animations – Twelve Christmas Letters

It’s here! Xmas is finally here! And with it comes my final Xmas Letter to Santa. Some where in the North Pole Santa is relieved that I wont be bothering him until next year, the bad news for Santa is that I have a whole year to think of new ways of bothering him. But lets put that aside for a minute, because today I give some tips to Santa on how he can chill after the hard work, and I’ll show you some of my favorite animations.

dear-santa animations

I don’t watch cartoons but I love some short animations that I’ve found on Youtube. Most of them are fanimations of the youtubers I watch, but I think they are really funny and I love watching them over and over.

You should definitely check out Netty`s work, she is really talented and her animations are some of my favorites.

Obviously some TomSka, he is not the animator but I love the one`s he directs

Thanks to everyone, I really enjoyed doing this series and the fact that I actually managed to make 12 posts during 12 days makes me really proud of myself!

Have some sweet Christmas and if you don`t celebrate it have a sweet day, and I`ll see you all in the next post 🙂


This is the twelfth post of a 12 post series, if you want to check some more click here

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