A Touch of Nostalgia

I’m not much for revising the past, I don’t glorify it, and nostalgia is not something I feel often. But that doesn’t mean I bury everything behind me, I hold a lot of memories close to my heart and today I’m going to talk about one of them.

From the crazy amount of great things that happened to me while I was in Oklahoma last year, there was this night in the beginning of the semester that made me feel like I was in of those 80’s teen movies. Almost every month, the Harkins theatre in Bricktown would hold a free movie night to OCU students, that night me and 4 other girls went to watch How to be Single, with Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson, two were from Oklahoma and two were also exchange students (Taiwan and Japan).

We watched the movie in a room full of other women who would cheer at every sassy quote and laugh at every one of Rebel’s lines, when it ended we went outside near the fountain and started chatting as the two girls from OKC said they wanted to show us something before we drove back to campus.

“It’s not very far from here, and you’re going to love it”

We started walking towards the OKC Dodgers ballpark, turned on Sheridan Avenue passed a pub called Pink Parrot and entered a side door next to the Hilton’s parking garage entrance, inside there was a tiny hall with an elevator. I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about, but I recall they told us we were not doing something illegal or anything like it. We entered the elevator and they pushed the button indicating the last floor. As the door opened we found ourselves in a parking lot at the rooftop of the hotel with an open view to the entire city.

At one side we could see inside the ballpark, on the other there was a prime view of OKC’s skyline with the Devon Tower, according to my friends it wasn’t that much of a skyscraper (comparing with others in country) but it surely stands out in a city where most of the buildings are not that tall. Closer to us we could see the bars and restaurants, the movie theatre, and the coaches pulled by horses with painted hooves parked on the street waiting for the next tourist.


We took a lot of pictures, they talked about how you can totally watch the baseball game from there, while I realized I felt like I was in an indie song about summer nights (even if it was still winter).

“It’s the best view of Oklahoma City” – they said

And they were right.

– hype

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